Geophysical Survey at PortWind Offshore Wind Farm

June 9th 2023

Sept 2022

Geophysical Survey at PortWind

Manor Renewable Energy Ltd. were commissioned by Source Galileo to conduct a geophysical reconnaissance survey for the proposed PortWind Offshore Wind Farm off the south coast of Dorset, UK. Data acquisition was undertaken onboard ‘Manor Brunel’ during September 2022.

The purpose of the survey was to acquire geophysical data, what is on and below the seafloor, for the proposed array area and determine if there were any constraints that required consideration in the preliminary layout design of the wind farm site. The survey comprised multibeam and singlebeam echo sounding and multibeam backscatter detection devices to scan the seabed.

The survey was conducted safely with no incidents reported and the survey data informs the ongoing design process and site refinement.

Manor Brunel at sea